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Do You Need an Experienced Petty Crimes Lawyer in Atlanta, GA?

Having an experienced petty crimes lawyer by your side ensures that you have knowledgeable and dedicated representation throughout every case stage, giving you the best chance of a favorable outcome.

Petty crimes may involve intricate legal issues despite their minor nature. An experienced petty crimes lawyer deeply understands the relevant laws and regulations, ensuring that your rights are safeguarded throughout the legal proceedings. They can assess the specifics of your case, identify potential defenses, and craft an effective legal strategy tailored to your situation.

Skilled negotiation abilities allow them to pursue plea bargains or reduced charges, potentially mitigating the penalties you may face. In the event of a trial, courtroom experience becomes invaluable as they navigate procedures, present evidence persuasively, and conduct effective cross-examinations. 

A petty crimes lawyer experienced in petty crimes law ensures your rights are upheld, protecting you from any potential abuses or violations of due process. By minimizing consequences such as fines, probation, or a criminal record, they work to preserve your reputation and future opportunities.

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What are Considered “Petty Crimes”?

In Atlanta, as in many jurisdictions, “petty crimes” typically refer to minor offenses that are considered less serious in nature. These offenses are considered misdemeanors and often carry lesser penalties compared to more severe crimes. Petty crimes in Atlanta can include infractions such as low-level theft (e.g., shoplifting items of relatively low value), simple assault (non-aggravated physical altercations without significant injury), minor property damage, disorderly conduct, and certain traffic violations like speeding or failure to yield. Penalties for petty crimes can range from fines and community service to probation or short-term incarceration, depending on the circumstances and severity of the offense.

Common Examples of Petty Crimes in Atlanta

Penalties for petty crimes in Atlanta may include fines, community service, probation, or short-term incarceration. The specific consequences depend on factors such as the severity of the offense, the defendant’s criminal history, and any aggravating or mitigating circumstances.

Common examples of petty crimes in Atlanta include:

  • Petty theft or shoplifting: Taking merchandise from a store without paying for it.
  • Disorderly conduct: Engaging in disruptive behavior that disturbs the peace in public places.
  • Simple assault: Causing minor physical harm or threatening violence against another person.
  • Trespassing: Entering or remaining on someone else’s property without permission.
  • Vandalism: Damaging or defacing property belonging to others.
  • Minor drug possession: Possession of small amounts of controlled substances for personal use.
  • Public intoxication: Being visibly intoxicated in public to the point of causing a disturbance or endangering oneself or others.
  • Loitering: Remaining idle in a public place without a valid reason.

Civil Consequences for Theft and Shoplifting in Georgia

Georgia allows any owner of stolen personal property (not just retail merchandise) to bring a civil action for damages against the offender. Before filing the civil action in court, the property or store owner must send the offender a written demand and give him/her 30 days to pay the following amounts:

  • compensatory damages for the value of the property and any other losses incurred from the offense, and
  • exemplary (punitive) damages in the amount of $300 or triple the value of the loss, whichever is greater.

If the offender does not pay within 30 days, the property or store owner can seek damages, plus attorneys’ fees and costs, in court.

It is important to remember that there is usually a two-year statute of limitations for petty crimes in Georgia. 

In Atlanta GA, Several Laws Play a Pivotal Role in Petty Crimes

In Atlanta, as in most jurisdictions, petty crimes are prosecuted based on applicable city ordinances and state laws. The specific laws governing the prosecution of petty crimes in Atlanta can include provisions outlined in the Atlanta Municipal Code as well as relevant statutes in the Georgia Code.

Key laws pertaining to petty crimes in Atlanta may include:

  • Atlanta Municipal Code: It contains ordinances that define various petty offenses and outline penalties for violations. Common petty crimes include disorderly conduct, trespassing, vandalism, and certain traffic violations.
  • Georgia Criminal Code: State laws, as outlined in the Georgia Criminal Code, also address petty crimes. This may include statutes governing theft, assault, drug possession, public intoxication, and other minor offenses.
  • Traffic Laws: Atlanta’s traffic laws, which may be outlined in both city ordinances and state statutes, govern various traffic-related offenses, including speeding, running red lights, failure to yield, and parking violations.
  • Penalties and Sentencing Guidelines: Laws in Atlanta and throughout Georgia establish penalties for petty crimes, which may include fines, community service, probation, and, in some cases, short-term incarceration.
  • Statute of Limitations: The statute of limitations sets forth the time frame within which charges must be brought for a particular offense. In Atlanta, as in the rest of Georgia, the statute of limitations for misdemeanor offenses, including many petty crimes, is typically two years.
  • Enforcement Procedures: Laws and regulations may also govern the procedures by which petty crimes are enforced, including rules for arrest, citation issuance, and court proceedings.

Why You Should Hire Chris Campbell Law Offices

With years of experience in criminal defense, Chris Campbell Law Offices possesses a deep understanding of the legal intricacies surrounding petty crime cases. Our track record of success demonstrates our ability to navigate complex legal landscapes and secure favorable outcomes for our clients. Chris Campbell Law Offices is known for our dedication to each case, providing personalized attention and crafting effective defense strategies tailored to the unique circumstances of each client. Our strong negotiation skills often lead to reduced charges or favorable plea bargains, minimizing the potential consequences of petty crime convictions. Moreover, our courtroom experience is unparalleled, ensuring vigorous advocacy and a strong defense if your case goes to trial. 

By choosing Chris Campbell Law Offices as your petty crimes lawyer for petty crimes, you are selecting a skilled and committed advocate who will fight tirelessly to protect your rights and achieve a favorable outcome for your case.

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